Our Service

Manicure & Pedicure

Luxury Manicure $21 
Express Manicure $18 
Gel Soak Off with Manicure $30 
Gel Soak Off $17 
Basic Manicure $18 

Traditional manicure complete with hand soak. Nail Trim, Shaping, Cuticle Grooming, and lotion massage. Finish with your choice of polish.

Luxury Manicure. $27 

All the benefit of a traditional manicure plus sugar scrub hand massage to exfoliation dull dry skin cell revealing new smooth skin. Finish with both arm wrapped with a hot towel then polish of your choice.

Express Pedicure. $26 

Our express pedicure is a traditional pedicure that includes nail trim, shaping, cuticle trimming, and callus treatment. Lower legs and feet are treated with cooling gel massage. Finish with your choice of polish (30 mins)

Spa Pedicure. $29 

Our spa pedicure includes everything from an express pedicure, and you will get the extra massage with Aloe Vera scrub, hot towel, and polish (40 mins)

Luxury Pedicure. $39 

Our luxury pedicure includes everything from express and spa you will get an additional hot stone massage, paraffin wax wrap around your feet, hot towel and polish (50 mins)

Deluxe Pedicure with Collagen $49 

This is the most relaxing that you deserve, You will get a hot stone massage, collagen socks plus additional 4 steps care for your pedicure with a variety choice of flavors. You will get sea salt soak to help you detoxify and deodorize, sugar scrub to exfoliate pores and massage cream to hydrate and soothe (60 mins)

Spa Pedicure

Welcome and thank you to all guests for choosing our pedicures!
Regular Pedicure (30 mins) $26 

Cuticle cut, callus remover, cooling gel massage, and polish.

Spa Pedicure (35 mins) $29 

Cuticle cut, callus remover, cooling gel, Aloe Vera scrub, hot towel, and polish.

Luxury Pedicure (50 mins) $39 

Cuticle cut, callus remover, cooling gel, Aloe Vera scrub, hot rock massage, hot towel, and polish.

Deluxe Pedicure with Collagen (60 mins) $49 

Cuticle cut, callus remover, cooling gel, collagen scrub, collagen mud masque, hot rock massage, collagen paraffin wax, hot towel, and polish.

Cooling Gel  

to relieves for tired and aching feet.

Aloe Vera Scrubbing Gel  

This contains glycolic acid to exfoliate the dead skin.

Hot Rock Reflexology  

to relax the leg muscles

Hot Towel  

improve blood circulation

Collagen scrub: contains glycolic acid and rich of hydrogenated castor oil and vitamin C

Collagen Paraffin Wax  

rich in collagen to relieves the dryness and rejuvenate the skin

Paraffin Wax  

relieves the dryness of the skin.


Full Set

Acrylic $30 +
Pink & White Full Set $50 +
Sculpture $35 
Gel $25 +
American $5 
French $5 
Nail Art $5 +
Dip $40 


Acrylic $20 +
Pink Only $23 
Pink & White Fill In $35 
Gel $30 +
Cut Down $3 +
Repair $3 +

Soak Off

With Service $5 
Without Service $10 

Polish Change

Feet $12 
Hands $10 


Rejuvenate with Vitamin C $80 
Refresh with Plantomer $75 
Anti-elements/ Radicals $80 
Caviar $90 
European Deep Cleansing $55 
Men’s Facial $55 
Mini Facial $55 
Back Purifying $40 
Hot Stone Back Purifying $55 

Eyelash Extensions

Single $100 
Fills $50 
Mix $70 
Bundle $40 

Series Treatments

Glycolic $75 
Rosacea $75 


Eyebrows $10 +
Lip $6 +
Chin $8 +
Side $10 +
Under Arms $20 +
Half Arms $25 +
Full Arms $40 +
Half Legs $30 +
Full Legs $50 +
Bikini $25 +
Brazilian $35 +
Back $35 +
Chest $30 +

Nail Enhancement

Acrylic Full Set $25 +
Acrylic Fill In $15 +
Pink and White Full Set $45 +
Pink and White Fill In $35 
Pink Fill In $23 
Gel Fill In $27 +
Gel Soak Off with Manicure $28 
Polish Change Feet $10 
Polish Change Hands $8 
Nail Design $5 +